If you think college admissions are tough, then wait till you apply to medical school. Acceptance rates are lower in medical schools than in any other graduate program:expectations are higher, and the competition is harder. Applying to medical schools is arguably the hardest, most frustrating, and (not to mention) most expensive among all post-baccalaureate programs. Every year, more than half of approximately 37,000 medical school applicants are rejected by their school of choice, and less than 5 percent are accepted into the top universities.

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Survival of the fittest

The admission process may be tough for medical schools, but it's for a good reason. Being a physician is a great responsibility, one that commands unrivalled respect from others. Whether you are pursuing an MD or a DO, the ability to create a piece of writing that properly illustrates your individuality and distinguishing characteristics, are vital for admission. Admissions officers will look for essays that clearly present a well-thought-out exposition of your worth, your virtues, and your individuality. This is where we step in.

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Given the challenges applying to medical schools may pose, your essay needs to be practically perfect. Any professional writer will agree that editing by persons other than the writer himself is a very important step in the writing process. Even the most seasoned writer can always benefit from the "fresh" eyes of a third party, whether editing or critique is needed. That's where we come in. Our team of professionals will edit and reinvent your essay to give it that fresh edge. With the extensive experience of our writers and editors, your essay will be the perfect marketing pitch-one that will compel admission officers to accept you into the program.