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Students live in a hustle. From a dorm to a class, from a class to an internship or extracurricular activity, and then back to the dorm to do homework. Poof! And the entire day is gone.

When you’re just getting started at a college or university, the hustle may even excite you. But after a while, you’ll feel the strain of it and want to relieve the stress as fast as possible.

Do you recognize yourself here but don’t know how to deal with this situation?

Then being able to buy custom essay online is just what you need.

An essay writing service is an online company that offers custom essays and other school assignments completed by professional writers for a price.

Here’s how it works in short: you place an order, get a writer assigned to you, pay, and receive your paper by the desired deadline.

Want to learn more?

Let’s dive in.


If you’re a first-timer at an essay writing service, you might be wondering whether it’s worth your money. You might have also heard quite a few unpleasant things about companies’ services. You need help, but you don’t know what you’re signing up for.

To debunk all the myths, let’s take a look at the following advantages of custom essay writing services.

Meet the Deadline of Your Paper

If you’re running out of time on your essays or other assignments, delegate them to a writing service. The paper will be ready by your preferred deadline, so you can use the extra time to do other work, sign up for an internship, or just hit the pillow (we know you want that really bad).

Get Highest Quality Content

There is a reason why most students hate writing tasks - they take hours of research and perfect knowledge of the subject. Besides, you have to be good at writing.

But with a writing service, you don’t have to break a sweat. You simply delegate custom essay writing to a professional author with years of experience in college and university subjects and excellent writing skills.

Reduce Your Workload and Avoid Stress

Do you have an exam week coming up and piles of homework looming over your head? Hiring a writing service can help you get rid of the immense workload on your shoulders and finally breathe a sigh of relief - less stress, more free time for yourself.

Improve Academic Performance

If you’re unsure about your research and writing skills but desperately want to get a good grade, hiring a paper writing service is what you need.

You’ll get to work with a professional writer who will deliver high-quality papers and showcase a deep knowledge of the subject. Be sure that even the pickiest professor will like your essay.

Enjoy Lucrative Prices and Papers Delivered on Time

Contrary to popular belief, ordering a paper is not that expensive. You can get an assignment done for as low as $20 and still get a high-quality result.

There’s also no need to worry about the deadlines - a professional custom essay writing service will undoubtedly deliver your paper on time.

Professional Writers at Our Team Will Perform Any Task

If you want to order a paper, you might be wondering, who will complete it for you?

At Essayontime, our clients get the best quality papers possible. Our team of writers consists of professionals with years of experience and great academic writing skills. We guarantee they can complete any task with even the strictest requirements.

How do we know that?

Before an author gets to deliver custom writing essays, they have to go through a series of tests.

First, we check their knowledge of the subject they specialize in. They have to answer a series of advanced questions, which helps us confirm their proficiency.

Next come the writing tasks. All writers have to complete at least two trial assignments of various difficulty levels to test their writing skills. That’s how we make sure to select the best of the best for our team of writers.

The Types of Custom Papers We Can Write for You

If you’re searching for a professional custom essay company for hire, look no further - Essayontime is at your service.

No matter what topic your paper is on, how many pages, or how urgent it is, we can complete it for you. Here are the most popular types of papers our clients’ order:

If you have a paper ready but need someone to help you edit and proofread it, we’re here to help. We have a dedicated team of editors specifically for this task.

We Can Do the Most Difficult Assignments on Any Subject

At Essayontime, we’re not afraid of a challenge. Apart from custom essay papers, we also help students do complex assignments that usually take several months and solid writing skills to complete.

Here are some of the most challenging papers our writers can complete for you:

For all programming students out there, we also offer you coding help. Whether you need to write a programming assignment from scratch or need to check one for bugs, we’ve got you covered.

Just Order Papers and Enjoy the Much-Needed Rest

Many students struggle with getting at least some free time. They dream of spending it on extracurricular activities or finally meeting up with their friends. Getting more sleep is also a priority.

Manage your time better by outsourcing your papers to us. You won’t have to worry about keeping control of the writing process - our customer support team will keep you updated.

However, if you’re still a bit uneasy about someone handling your assignment, you can always contact your writer directly. Our essay writing service allows direct communication with the writers to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Will Papers Meet My Expectations?

When you order academic papers from Essayontime, we guarantee that your writer will take all paper requirements into account.

That being said, before we proceed with completing the order, we ask all our clients to provide as many assignment details as possible. Here is the minimum we expect from you:

When you order custom writing from us, you can also add .pdf or .docx documents shared by your professor. These details will help your writer deliver a superb-quality paper on time.

Get the Best Service Regardless of Your Order’s Cost

Now, you’re probably wondering how much ordering a paper from Essayontime will cost you.

We understand that students are our target audience and that you probably don’t have millions stashed to spend on school assignments. That’s why we have a few money-saving offers for you.

What Discounts Do We Have?

If you're new to our service, we’ll gladly give you a 15% initial discount on your first paper. Many essay writing services stop at that, but we want our customers to stay loyal to us. That’s why we have additional membership offers.

For instance, if you order 15 or more pages, you will get a 5% discount on all your future assignments. At 50+ pages, we offer a regular 10% discount, and after 100+ pages order, you will get a 15% lifetime discount.

All Essayontime customers can also participate in an affiliate program - you can get 5% off your paper for each successful recommendation. Your friends are getting an extra discount, too.

Flexible and Clear Pricing

Our essay service takes pride in the pricing policy. It’s transparent and flexible, and the prices will suit every wallet.

You can find out the cost of your assignment before placing an order. Our intuitive system calculates the price for you based on the paper type, number of pages, and deadline.

Also, there are no hidden fees! You won’t have to spend an extra dime.

What Payment Methods Do We Have?

It’s an indication of a professional custom essay writing service when it has various payment methods. At Essayontime, we allow everything, from Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards to Maestro, Discover, and American Express.

We’ve also made sure to protect our website with several security protocols to keep your payment information safe.

Find Out How Much Your Order Is Worth

Although we have the most affordable prices on the market, there are a few factors that impact the final cost of an assignment. Let’s explore them one by one.

The Complexity of the Task

Some subjects are more difficult to research than others. It takes more effort for our writers to collect the resources and put them together into one paper.

For example, many scientific papers will have higher prices. But you will get the best result regardless.

Minimal Deadlines

The closer the deadline is, the higher the final cost of the paper will be. This is understandable since it will take the writer twice as much effort to deliver your task.

That’s why we ask all our clients not to put away their assignments till the last minute. Although we can complete a paper of any urgency, it’s better to have an extra day for a possible revision to make sure you get the best result possible.

Academic Level

Typically, Master- and Ph.D.-level papers will be more costly. They require in-depth research and usually take several weeks to complete. But don’t worry, we will still find the best offer for you, regardless of how advanced your assignment is.

Number of Pages

It’s a given that bigger papers take longer to complete. So, the more pages your assignment needs, the higher the final price will be.

Additional Services

It’s also possible to add extras to your order, such as:

Apart from that, you can upgrade to Premium and Platinum quality and get the VIP treatment.

Ready to order? Specify it!

Do you need urgent help with your essay or coursework? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can place your order within a couple of minutes, and we’ll assign a writer to work on it right away.

But before you jump into filling in the order form, make sure you’ve got all the necessary paper details. We’ve already mentioned these specs earlier, but let’s recap them one more time:

Don’t forget to attach any additional documents related to your paper. For instance, you may have the list of preferred resources you would like a writer to use.

Also, if you want a specific writer to work on your assignment, you can add their ID to the order form.

How to Order Custom Paper Writing at Essayontime

Ready to place your first paper from our custom essay service? It’s super easy!

Here’s how you do it:

Your writer can also ask you questions in the process. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a high-quality paper, so the effort is necessary on both parts.

You also don’t have to worry about assignment updates. Our customer service will be with you 24/7 from the moment you place your order and even after the paper is ready.

Why Should You Buy Papers at Essayontime?

The internet is full of paper writing services, but few of them practice what they preach and actually deliver good-quality orders.

So, why should you choose Essayontime among others?

The reason is simple - you will never receive a plagiarized paper. We take plagiarism very seriously and check all orders via multiple anti-plagiarism systems. We realize the consequences a plagiarized paper can bring.

Here are a few more convincing reasons to order from Essayontime:

Besides, the writer will not be the only person working on your custom essay. We also have experienced researchers and proofreaders working in a team to ensure the best result.

Personalized Approach to Every Task and Client

At Essayontime, we have to deal with hundreds of orders daily. However, it doesn’t mean that we treat our clients carelessly.

When you place your order, we make sure that a customer service representative contacts you right away. Our customer support works 24/7 and is available via:

You can voice any requests and concerns to the customer service or directly to your writer. We will also regularly update you on the process and notify you a few hours before order completion.

Want to work with a specific writer? Simply add the writer ID to the order, and we will assign them to you immediately.

Your Personal Data Is Reliably Protected

Are you worried about the safety of personal information?

That’s a legit concern, given that you’ll be sharing payment details as well. But you don’t have to be anxious about it if you order from Essayontime.

We use several security protocols, including the Comodo SSL and Security Metrics. Our website has also been verified via, which confirms that our activity is completely legal.

Our Guarantees Are on Your Side

Many custom essay writing services offer guarantees, but few of them actually keep their word. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so much negative talk about writing businesses.

Unlike others, Essayontime has all the guarantees listed on the website. Here’s what our clients will undoubtedly get by ordering a paper from us:

You can learn more about the guarantees in the Terms and Conditions section.

Let Us Satisfy All Your Learning Assignments!

Essayontime is a custom writing service, which means we can do papers of any difficulty level. Whether you have a one-page essay or a 100-page dissertation, we will always find a suitable writer with expertise that fits your needs.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from a partnership with us.

Custom Writing of Any Complexity

We often have to deal with challenging tasks since they are the ones students don’t have enough time to complete.

You can order anything, from a thesis to a dissertation, and our team of professional essay writers will deliver them for you. We also cover all possible subjects and topics.

Clear Deadlines

We understand the importance of deadlines, so our writers will never be late with your paper. When an author takes an order to work on, it’s their responsibility to deliver it on time.

Do you have a super-urgent paper?

No worries, you can place an order for it as well. Even if the deadline is a couple of hours away, we will still complete the task on time.

Assurance of Privacy

We guarantee your privacy from the moment you order an assignment. Even after you download your essay, we won’t share your personal details with anyone.

Plagiarism-Free Papers

Rest assured that your paper will be 100% original. Upon request, you can also receive a plagiarism report to confirm that your assignment contains original research.

Friendly Support Team at Your Service

Whenever you have questions or requests, you can always voice them to our customer service at Essayontime. We work 24/7 to satisfy all your needs and make sure you receive a high-quality order on time.

Is It Legal to Use Custom Writings?

Yes, it is completely legal to order essay papers.

When you purchase an assignment from us, you also buy the rights for it and become its sole owner. When you download the order, you are free to do whatever you want with it.

Is It Safe to Use Your Custom Writing Service?

Absolutely. Our website uses several security protocols, including SSL and HTTPS, to protect your data and payment information. We keep your details on a safe cloud server protected by antivirus.

Can Anyone Detect That I’ve Used a Writing Service?

No. We have a Privacy Policy containing non-disclosure statements that keep our team from sharing your personal data with anyone outside our partnership.

You also don’t have to worry about plagiarism. All papers contain original research and haven’t been republished anywhere.

Will Papers Written By Your Service Pass Turnitin?

Yes. We even use Turnitin as one of the ways to confirm the paper is unique. You can also request a confirmation that your order is plagiarism-free.

How Can You Guarantee That I Will Like Your Papers?

We offer free revisions to anyone who doesn’t find a paper to their liking. You need to provide objective reasons as to what needs to be changed, and our writers will work hard on improvements.

However, to avoid such situations, we ask all our clients to provide as much assignment info as possible. It helps our writers deliver the best result.

Who Will Write My Papers from Scratch?

Your order will be completed by a professional writer who has experience in the subject area of your paper.

Every author in our team has a college or university degree and verified writing skills. They are all native English speakers from the UK or the US. It’s also possible to request a writer you’ve already worked with.

How Can I Contact My Writer if I Have Questions?

You can reach out to your writer directly and discuss any problems or requests. In case the writer doesn’t respond, our customer service is always there to assist you.

Papers Are Ready. How Can I Get Them?

Every client gets a personal account after placing an order. When the paper is ready, you’ll receive an email and can log into your account to download it.

Get Custom Writing Help from Top Team of Writers

Do you have an urgent paper but no time to complete it?

Our custom paper writing service is ready to help! At Essayontime, we offer a bunch of lucrative benefits:

We approach each client individually and will make sure to assign a writer who fits your needs. You also don’t have to worry about getting updates - our customer service team will keep you posted.

Ready to start? Place your first order and get 15% off!

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