Most students don’t realize that they need paper writing help until the deadline is too close. Procrastination is a strange habit. Somehow, your mind convinces you that everything is going to be fine, and you stop thinking about that important task. But when the deadline comes close and you realize that all your peers have already written the project, you start stressing out.

This happens to every student. There are a few really responsible individuals who manage to complete most projects on time. But at one point or another, even they need to get help with writing paper.

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Realization is the first step towards finding a solution.

Now you know that you have a problem. Awareness is great; it leads you to the options that you have. What are those options?

  • You can try to write that paper in the little time you have left. If you haven’t done any research, it’s going to be hard to meet the deadline.
  • You can keep ignoring the assignment. But your professor won’t stop asking for it. This alternative would inevitably lead to a low grade.
  • You can get the help you need. It works like tutoring. When you can’t handle the pressure with academic assignments, you hire a professional writer to help you with them.

We’ve done our research and we know: most students need to hire writers at some point. Fortunately, you have options. Expert writing services are available all the time.

Why Do All Students Need Paper Writing Help?

If we’re being fair, procrastination is not the only reason why students need paper writing help online. It’s not even the most common one. Most students do want to get their papers done. They even start working on them way before the deadline. But they encounter some difficulties:

  • It’s not just one paper. If we were talking about an essay, a student would easily write it. But in a normal day, a student has a pile of homework to handle. They have several serious projects waiting to be tackled, and a few minor assignments that have to be submitted by the following day.
  • Education is not just about writing papers. The student has to spend hours in the lecture hall. They have to study, too.
  • Many students get paper writing help because they can’t write. They do their best, but their skills aren’t good enough for a passing grade. This is especially true for foreign students, who face these types of assignments for the first time.

Professors will tell you that students who use writing services are choosing the easiest solution. They are wrong. There is nothing easy about realizing that you cannot get the work done and you have to invest some of your limited finances in an assignment. For most students, it’s the only solution they have.

If you thought that you were the only one struggling with the projects, relax. You’re not the only one. Every student is in the same situation. The process of academic writing help is anonymous, so that’s why you’re not aware of its frequency.

What’s the Best Service to Use When You Need Paper Writing Help Online?

We come to the most important point: what service do you hire when you need help with writing paper?

The agency you choose must meet these standards:

  • It should connect you with a pro writer, who is experienced completing the type of order that you need. This is someone who won’t start learning about the topic today. They already know a lot about it.
  • The company must meet your deadline. Deadlines are not a joke! Your professors take them too seriously.
  • You need a high-quality paper, and you need it to be 100% free of plagiarism.
  • You want to see strong guarantees that ensure a good experience.
  • The agency must guarantee free revisions. Even the most professional writers may make mistakes. You need the company to correct those mistakes when you point them out.
  • You want a unique paper written from scratch. When you need help writing a paper, pre-written papers are not your goal. You want to give clear instructions, and you want the writer to capture your personal voice through the content.
  • If you want to contact a customer service representative, you don’t want to deal with a bot. You want answers ASAP.

We designed EssayOnTime as a service that responds to all those needs. We analyzed the market and we know what students expect from us. We achieved the top position in the industry and we’re doing everything in our power to maintain it. We do that by delivering the assistance at a level of professionalism that students expect. 

How to Get Help with Writing a Paper?

There’s another expectation that you have from the service offering writing paper help: an easy ordering process.

You’re already dealing with a lot of stress in your life. If you want to spend money on academic content, you need the process to be easy and effective.

We’ve got you!

This is how you’ll get effective help writing a paper at EssayOnTime:

Give us your order

Don’t worry; it will be easy. We tailored an order form that guides you through all the steps. You don’t need to sign up and go through any confirmation steps. The order form combines personal info and order details, so we’ll go through this as quickly as possible.

Fill in the details

As you know, this is a custom writing service. It means that the writer needs instructions, so they can start working on your paper from scratch. Tell us what you expect the final result to look like. If you have any ideas, the writer will convey them.

If you haven’t thought about the paper, you can let the writer be flexible. But if you already have ideas, please share them.


That’s all you need to do. We already have your instructions, so we’ll select the best writer to meet your standards. You will receive your paper, and we’ll make sure to meet your deadline.

Check and verify

As the last step, we’ll need your confirmation that everything is fine with your order. We’re open to provide any revisions as per your instructions. We won’t charge for them. If you’re happy with the results, we’d love to get your feedback.

How Much Does Paper Writing Help Cost?

Your choice of a paper writing help service has a lot to do with the price. You would love to pay a lot to a writer, since you know that they deserve it. But you’re just a student, and your finances are way too limited.

That’s why you’re looking for an affordable service. You found it!

We still have the best writers. We still deliver the best quality. But we managed to find a balance between our writers’ needs and our customers’ paying potential. The regular flow of orders enables the writers to reduce their prices. We do not impose high fees, so they get most of the money that the student pays. That’s why our prices are more affordable when compared to other services.

So how much would you need to pay for high-quality paper writing help online? At our website, the quotes per page start at only $20.99. You’re able to choose the quality level and deadline. The price will vary accordingly. is known for its amazing discount program. At our site, every new customer gets 15% off the first order. We don’t forget about our loyal customers. We treat them with new discounts every time they come back for more orders. The loyalty discounts reach 15%, and they are permanent.

You Will Get 100% Custom-Tailored Content When you Get Help Writing a Paper

There is an important factor that makes EssayOnTime special: an entire team offers help writing a paper for each customer.

At most other websites, you’ll get to work with a writer. Here, we pair you with a writer who has a degree in the subject area. But that’s not all. We’ll also assign a researcher and a proofreader to work on your order.

EssayOnTime has been in this industry for decades. We realized that teamwork is the best way to assist students who need help writing a paper. Our approach makes us faster and more reliable.

Once we get your order, the researcher collects the needed resources. Together with the writer, they discuss the student’s needs and they developed a detailed outline. Then, the writer completes the project. Finally, a proofreader makes sure that everything is perfect. They pay attention to grammar, logical flow, and style. We also check the papers for plagiarism before the final delivery.

That’s why is the best.

Who Provides Paper Writing Help at EssayOnTime?

The qualities of our writers make us the best service that offers paper writing help online.

We’ll talk about our hiring process, so you’ll understand how professional our team is.

  • We accept many writers in our team. Our goal is to create a large team, so we can respond to the growing number of orders. But not anyone can start working for us. We have high standards, and we test each candidate before we allow them to provide paper writing help for our customers.
  • Education is the first factor we pay attention to. It’s the easiest thing to check, so we require it at the beginning of the hiring process. We need all our writers to hold at least a Master’s degree. Candidates with PhD degrees get a priority during the hiring process.
  • When this first standard is met, we interview the writer. We give them a test assignment, so we can see how quickly they can write papers on topics from their subject area. We also pay attention to their potential to maintain the required format and citation style.
  • We are consistent with the training we provide for our writers. They are constantly getting better!

You Need Help Writing a Paper? Place an Order Today!

You found the best service that offers writing paper help. Now, all you need to do is place that order. We guarantee to deliver high-quality work that conveys your personal voice.

Place an order today, and we’ll give you an affordable price for top-notch help writing a paper.